Stuff, Stamp, and Send Service

If things are getting overwhelming, or you just don’t have enough time on your hands to get organized and send your invitations well on their way, I will also stuff, stamp and send your invitations for you.

Stuff and Send: 0.40 cents per invitation, plus the cost of stamps.


If you are planning to do this yourself, then here are some mailing invitation etiquette guidelines to help you:

  • Etiquette for mailing wedding invitations requires that you create a master list of invited guests, preferably in a spread-sheet computer program that you can access regularly to make updates. You can later use this same list to track who has RSVP’d, how many extra people or “dates” will be coming, and later as a list for thank-you notes
  • Address your envelopes before stuffing them. It will be easier to write on the envelopes when they are empty, and you’ll avoid the risk of ink bleeding into the contents of the envelope.
  • Set all contents of the invitations (everything from envelopes to stamps) on a large table, in an assembly line-style.
  • If your invitations have only one fold with wording on the outside only, all insertions go on top of the invitation. If your invitations have multiple folds and/or the wording is inside the fold, insertions are placed inside the first fold.
  • Insertions go in the following order (from bottom to top), inside the inner envelope: invitation, tissue paper, map card, reception card, response envelope with response card under its flap.
  • The inner envelope is then placed inside an outer envelope, which has the address on it.


TADA! Now you are finally ready to send them along on their merry way!

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